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earmuffs (1010923) 31 dB with standard headband

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This item is available in the following regions: Russia Kazakhstan

Anti-noise passive LEIGHTNING family earmuffs with standard headband made of steel wire. Lightweight. Height adjustable headband in 3 positions. Robust steel wire LEIGHTNING family earmuffs construction is extremely durable and  stands up to daily use and abuse without compromising comfort. Patented Air Flow Control™ technology delivers optimal attenuation across all frequencies, without increasing earcup size or weight.

  • Padded foam headband delivers long-wearing comfort with minimal pressure on the head.
  • Several noise attenuation levels are effective in different environments.
  • Extensible height adjustment ensures the cups fixity when in use.
  • Perfectly comfortable – ultralight L marked models fully meet requirements to the quality of compact headbands, faultless protection and high level of comfort.

Mean Attenuation (SNR) up to 31 dB
High frequency attenuation  (H) up to 31 dB
Mid-frequency attenuation  (M) up to 29 dB
Low-frequency attenuation (L) up to 23 dB

SNR=31 H=31 M=29 L=23

LEIGHTNING L2 earmuffs (1010923) 31 dB with standard headband