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3M™ Peltor™ SportTac™
Headphones with fold head strap (MT16H210F-478-RD)

This item is available in the following regions: Russia Middle East Kazakhstan

Shooting headphones protect the user from loud impulsive noise, but allow hearing surrounding sounds. Weak sounds are enhanced, and loud impulsive noise is efficiently cut out. Active protection function smoothly regulated volume ensuring reproduction of comfortable sound, and reducing irritation. Digital sound preproduction diagram removes sharp flips. Preservation of the last setting in the memory when shutting down. Automatic shutdown function ensures battery power saving in two hours of inactivity. Auxiliary input allows connecting a cell phone or radio communication device.
Fields of application: shooting sport, hunting.
Battery: 2 AAA battery: 600 hours.
Weight: 318 g.

SNR=26 H=29 M=23 L=16 *

TR CU 019/2011
TR CU 020/2011

* SNR – Single Number Rating, H – high frequency reduction, M – medium frequency reduction, L – low frequency reduction.

3Mâ„¢ PELTORâ„¢ SPORTTACâ„¢ Headphones with fold head strap (MT16H210F-478-RD)

Ear Protection

3Mâ„¢ PELTORâ„¢ SPORTTACâ„¢ Headphones with fold head strap (MT16H210F-478-RD)
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3M? PELTOR? SPORTTAC? Headphones with fold head strap (MT16H210F-478-RD)
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