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Helmet accessories Tactical XP Atex (MT1H7P3E2-07-50)

This item is available in the following regions: Middle East

Accessories Peltor Tactical XP are intended for ensuring clear and reliable communication, protect the user from hazardous noise and impulsive sounds, but allow both hearing and amplifying sounds from the environment such as human’s speech, mechanisms noise, and warning signals. Integrated functions of headphones Tactical XP highly differ from other active ear protectors. The user may control and change volume adjustment with due regard to current situation. When necessary, external sounds may be amplified to a larger extent than any other protective headphones Peltor. Headphones Tactical XP allows hearing what you like to hear, and block all unnecessary noise. Each function and setting is accompanied with voice message. Standard spiral expandable cord with slot J11 integrated to the headphones case allows connection of most radio stations through adaptor FL Atex.
Battery: 2 AA batteries, service
life: 1,000 hours.
Weight: 390 g.
* SNR=30 H=33 M=28 L=20
TR CU 019/2011, TR CU
GOST R 12.4.255-2011

Helmet accessories Tactical XP Atex (MT1H7P3E2-07-50)

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Helmet accessories Tactical XP Atex (MT1H7P3E2-07-50)
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Helmet accessories Tactical XP Atex (MT1H7P3E2-07-50)