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21 february 2019


In 2019 Technoavia joined SEDEX – the world’s largest collaborative online platform for sharing responsible sourcing data on supply chains, to increase social, environmental and ethical sustainability. SEDEX membership gives evidence of transparency and reliability of a services and products supplier.

Nowadays a lot of global brands, including Technoavia long-term partners require their suppliers to be SEDEX members. By joining SEDEX an enterprise promotes an open business environment across Russia.

Every company seeking to join SEDEX passes an assessment procedure by completing the questionnaire. SEDEX members agree to share and exchange data in four main aspects: labor standards, health & safety policies, environmental performance and business ethics, as well as audit reports and compliance certificates. The platform allows data exchange between a few clients simultaneously.

We encourage our Clients and Partners to join SEDEX to enhance responsible business practices. If you have already become a SEDEX member, you can establish a contact with us in the database by typing ZC405333809.