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SKU: 13.064

Personal self-rescuer (ss KSPA-M-15)

This item is available in the following regions: Russia Europe Middle East Kazakhstan

Individual self-rescuer MONOSPAS†Ė the†best gift to†the†person you really care!

In case of fire in a†house its inhabitants become hostages of the†building: fire and smoke block the access to†fire-escapes depriving a†man of†an†opportunity to†escape. The†MONOSPAS gives this chance. The†opportunity to†save your own life and life of†your relatives.

The personal self-rescuer MONOSPAS†15 allows an†absolutely unprepared person to†escape the†fire from height of†15 m (the†devices allowing 30 and 50†m escape are also available), the†safe speed of†descent is maintained automatically.

The set includes:

  • brake unit
  • wire rope in polyamide cover
  • steel snap-hooks
  • rescue triangle
  • a bag for carrying
  • instruction for use

MONOSPAS 15 self-rescuer characteristics:

Maximum person weight:†up to 120†kg.
Height of the descent:†15 m.
Descent speed:†1 m/s. Speed is automatically adjusted by a†brake unit.
Maximum load on the wire rope:†1200†kg.
Preparation time:†less than 1 minute. Prior preparation isn't required.
Manufacturer guarantee:†5 years.

Technical regulation for the fire safety requirements (Ļ†123-FZ 22.07.2008)
GOST R 53272-2009
TU 4854-005-88345304-2011

MONOSPAS 15 personal self-rescuer (ss KSPA-M-15)

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MONOSPAS 15 personal self-rescuer (ss KSPA-M-15)
SKU: 13.064
MONOSPAS 15 Personal self-rescuer (ss KSPA-M-15)
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