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SKU: 13.000

Full body harness (vnt 050), size 1

This item is available in the following regions: Russia Europe Middle East Kazakhstan

Harness is intended for working at height including in support-free environment.

  • Numerous attachment points allow using the harness in both restraint and fall arrest systems, and in work positioning.
  • A wide shoulder belt and hip loops enable the wearer to remain in a harnessed work positioning system under tension for an extended period of time.
  • 2 attachment points: dorsal and sternal
  • Attachment points on shoulder straps for vertical rescue from confined space.
  • The harness design ensures the maximum and most efficient distribution of the load between the waistbelt, leg loops and shoulder straps when arresting the fall.
  • Pelvic attachment point for industrial rope access works
  • New calendar coated webbing provides high wear resistance, ensuring even weight distribution over the whole area of the webbing in the moment of the fall arrest, easy donning causing no twisting.
  • New color pattern allows easy discovering of thermal or chemical exposure spots
  • Double stitching on the straps ends ensures tight grip and easy tension adjustment even in winter gloves
  • Extra loops for hanging tools.
  • A system for the work positioning seat.

Materials: polyamide, steel.
Hip circumference:5072cm.
Thigh circumference:72140 cm.
User's height:160190 cm.
Operating conditions:from−50 to+50C.
Harness weight:2000g.

TR CU 019/2011
GOST R EN 361-2008
GOST R EN 358-2008
GOST R EN 813-2008

PROFI MASTER full body harness (vnt 050), size 1

VENTO fall protection equipment

PROFI MASTER full body harness (vnt 050), size 1
SKU: 13.000
PROFI MASTER Full body harness (vnt 050), size 1
V2 transportation bag
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