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SKU: 9.035
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LS-01 cabinets (1,830×302×500) 1 section

This item is available in the following regions: Russia Kazakhstan
  • Intended for spare clothing storage in production and sports facilities and other premises, as well as for  the arrangement of luggage rooms.
  • The large surface area of the vent holes allows for the maintenance of normal humidity and temperature conditions inside.
  • Lockers are equipped with "Practica" key-locks (changeable key barrel) and a master key.
  • Assembly is completed using rivets or self-tapping screws (supplied with the set), at the customer's discretion. The rigid structure permits transport in the assembled condition.      
  • The specific  construction of the cabinets  permits them to be attached to each other in order to create sections. 
  • Standard color - half-matt grey, powder coating.  
  • Supplied disassembled, corrugated cardboard packaging.

Outside dimensions: 1,830×302×500 mm.
Internal dimensions: 1,746×300×468 mm.
Weight: 19 kg.
Number of shelves: 1 section, shelf, crossbar, hook.
Lock type: key.
Coating type: powder, anti-corrosion treatment.

GOST 16371-93
TU 5627-015-83940502-10


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LS-01 cabinets (1830x302x500) 1 section


LS-01 cabinets (1830x302x500) 1 section
SKU: 9.035
LS-01 cabinets (1,830×302×500) 1 section