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drying cabinet, product range RShS-9-175

This item is available in the following regions: Russia Kazakhstan

This drying cabinet allows for the drying of 9 gear sets, including 9 outfits, 9 pairs of footwear, 9 pairs of gloves. The cabinet is securely locked on a key.

Inside of the cabinet:

  • Perforated shelf for holding gear and outfits. Perforation allows for better air circulation, ensuring good drying performance;
  • Hanger rail for clothes hangers, the clothes do not crease during drying;
  • Pipes with flaps at the end for individual drying of footwear;
  • Shelves for gloves and hats.

Performance Characteristics:

Overall dimensions (width × height × depth): 175×190×68 cm.
Weight: 180 kg.
Output: 1.25/2.5 kW.
Heater element: Ribbed heater coil.
Protection from overheating: available.
Fan type: Radial type.
Item material: Enameled steel (RAL 7035).
Lock type: Crossbar lock with a key.
Type of doors: Hinged doors.
Moisture protection: does not require additional wringing.

Remote Control

Timer: 12 hours.
Temperature control switch: 0…+60°C.
Modes of operation:

  • Cooling without heating;
  • Heating energy  1.25kW;
  • Heating energy  2.5kW.

Cabinets are supplied disassembled, corrugated cardboard packaging.

TR CU 004/2011
TR CU 020/2011

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SKU: 9.010
RUBIN drying cabinet, product range RShS-9-175