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knitted pants, made by Komazo (2/01/005)

This item is available in the following regions: Russia Middle East Kazakhstan

These pants are made of weft knitted fabric with elasticated threads. Thetextured fabric is breathable and water-absorbing. Thisfabric ensures close fit and quick moisture transport. Flat lock seams for extra durability (no stretching or tearing). Brushed inner layer retains air and protects against the cold. Very soft underwear, feels good against the skin and is comfortable to wear.

Composition: 100% cotton, density210g/m2.
Color: black.
Sizes: 92 to 120,Heights: 170/176 to182/188.

! In order to learn how to choose correct size you have to refer
to size charts with instructions by clicking the following link

TR CU 017/2011

TIROL knitted pants, made by Komazo (2/01/005)


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