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PLUM Eye Wash
solution for rinsing eye in 200 ml replacement bottle (4691)

This item is available in the following regions: Russia Europe Kazakhstan

Fields of application: In case the eye injury is caused by contact with foreign bodies (metal or wooden chips, dust or dirt).
Bottles contain a sterile solution of sodium chloride (0.9%).
Ergonomically shaped cap provides tight fitting to the eye and uniform rinsing at the same time runs-off excessive liquid from the eye. Bottle is equipped with a dust cover and detailed instructions on the label.
The package is sterile, not to keep after opening. The shelf life of the sealed product is 3.5 years.
Important! Fluid jet for rinsing should not impact the eyes under pressure, press the bottle slightly and gently squeeze it.
Complete set: 1 bottle 200 ml.
GOST R ISO 10993-1-2011 "Medical products. Evaluation of the biological safety of medical products".

PLUM EYE WASH solution for rinsing eye in 200 ml replacement bottle (4691)