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3M™ ExoFit™ ATEX
safety harness (KB11101391)

This item is available in the following regions: Russia Europe Middle East Kazakhstan

This safety harness is specifically designed for operation in explosive atmospheres.

Design features:

  • Back and front attachment points.
  • Back and front work positioning points lock.
  • Unique ExoFit shoulder and back padding for an increased comfort.
  • Shock absorbing comfortable pads in the hips and legs areas.
  • Breathable padding technology ensures linings wick moisture awayfrom the body for comfortable wear all day.
  • Donning without tangling in accessories.
  • Pelvic support belt.
  • Quick-Connect buckles for easy fastening.
  • The edges of the straps are stitched, featuring elastic tips for secure grip for adjustment.
  • TALON Self-Retracting Lifeline is attached to the harness.
  • Easy straps adjustment.
  • Breakdown indicator.
  • ATEX certified and CE approved.

The harness is designed for workers who require extra protection in potentially explosive atmosphere.

Operation conditions: From –40 to +60°C.
Material: Polyester, alloy steel rings.
Sizes: S
Weight: 2.5 kg.

TR CU 019/2011

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3M ExoFit ATEX safety harness (KB11101391)
3M ExoFit ATEX safety harness (KB11101391)
3M ExoFit ATEX safety harness (KB11101391)
3M ExoFit ATEX safety harness (KB11101391)

3M™ fall protection equipment

3M ExoFit ATEX safety harness (KB11101391)
SKU: 10.786
3M™ EXOFIT™ ATEX safety harness (KB11101391)