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Helmet headphones Lite-Com (MT53H7P3E4400-EU)

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This accessories series represents highly efficient ear protector with built-in transceiver. It allows radio communication at a medium distance in the handsfree mode with other users of the headphones and portable radio sets operating in the same frequency range. All settings of the device are made using only three buttons. The adjustment is accompanied with comments of the electronic voice readout unit to allow settings without taking the headphones off the head. Radio communication occurs at the frequency PMR 446 MHz (8 channels / 38 subchannels). Function of selective tone alarm when receiving and transmitting allows several users talk at the same channel without hindering each other. Voice microphone installed in the headphones has noise compensation function, and ensures maximum quality communication in the radio air (not transmitting surrounding noise to the air). All settings are automatically saved after the accessories shutdown. At low battery charge level, voice warning engages automatically ‘Low battery’. Battery: 2 AA batteries: 60 hours, or rechargeable accumulator batteries Peltor ACK: 40 hours.
Package: standard head strap; above helmet; occipital head strap.
Range of action: up to 3 km.
Weight: 418 g.
* SNR=33 H=34 M=30 L=23
TR CU 019/2011

Helmet headphones Lite-Com (MT53H7P3E4400-EU)

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