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men’s heat-insulated trousers

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Trousers with two-layer insulation (2×150 g/m2).

  • Zip fly and 2 button closure on the waistband.
  • Wide belt with belt-loops.
  • The shoulder straps are removable, with buttons, an elastic band insert at the back makes it comfortable to work in a sitting position and when bending over.
  • Front side pockets.
  • Knee pads protect the main fabric against abrasion.
  • Retroreflective tapes around the legs of the trousers.

Outer layer fabric: cotton blend (65% polyester / 35% cotton) with water-oil repellent finish, density 200 g/m2.
Insulation: 2-layer polyester batting, 150 g/m2.
Lining: 100% polyester + windproof fabric (100% polyester).
Reflective elements: retroreflective tape 50 mm wide.
Color: dark blue.
Sizes: 88-92 to 136-140, Heights: 158-164 to 194-200.

! In order to learn how to choose correct size you have to refer
to size charts with instructions by clicking the following link

TR CU 019/2011

Class 3 (4) protection against reduced air temperatures and wind

ZIMA men’s heat-insulated trousers
ZIMA men’s heat-insulated trousers
ZIMA men’s heat-insulated trousers
ZIMA men’s heat-insulated trousers

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