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K-947 S
spunlaced wipes (in rolls)

This item is available in the following regions: Russia Kazakhstan

Wipes K-947 S Sontara® JH (Spain) are manufactured in a spunlacing process. They are made of a tough, durable material that resists abrasion andsolvents, contains no binders or glues,  is low-linting, and highly absorbent in water, oil and solvents.

The wipes are ideal to prepare surfaces, wiping and cleaning for many applications, including:

  • food industry.
  • restaurant industry and HoReCa.
  • printing.
  • automobile industry and transport.
  • machine building.
  • electronic equipment and components.
  • Electric power, oil and gas industries.
  • medicine and pharma.
  • preparation and painting of surfaces.

Composition: 51% cellulose / 49% polyester. Density 78 g/m2.
Sizes: Sheets 300×380 mm.
Packaging: 400 tissues in a roll.
Color: turquoise.

K-947 S spunlaced wipes (in rolls)

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K-947 S spunlaced wipes (in rolls)
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