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SKU: 12.708

men's jacket

This item is available in the following regions: Middle East

Jacket with collar band for tight fit to the neck, ventilation mesh inarmpit area, wrist area can be adjusted what adds comforts while wearing gloves.Designed with adherence to HACCP guidelines.

Fabric: SUPERBANDMASTER cotton blend (65%polyester/ 35%cotton), density 210 g/m2, manufactured by Klopman (Italy).
Color: super white.
Sizes:88-92 to 128-132, Heights: 158-164 to182-188.

! In order to learn how to choose correct size you have to refer
to size charts with instructions by clicking the following link

ULTRA-PLUS men's jacket

Food Manufacturing/ Catering and Chef Workwear

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ULTRA-PLUS men's jacket
SKU: 12.708
ULTRA-PLUS men's jacket