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safety spectacles (9231960)

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Description: open model with polarization filter.
Protective properties: protect eyes against fast flying particles with low-velocity impact and UV-radiation of up to 400 nm. These twin-lens spectacles reliably protect eyes from strain because the polavisionŽ technology eliminates nuisance from mirroring and sun reflections, creating pleasant light. These spectacles are particularly suited for protecting against reflections and irritation (e.g. water surfaces) in outdoor environments such as offshore and maritime workplaces. Temperature range: from −30 to +80°C.
Lens coating: scratch-resistant.
Lens color: grey, polarization filter.
Weight: 41 g.

TR CU 019/2011
DIN EN 166-169,170

POLAVISION safety spectacles (9231960)

UVEX safety glasses

POLAVISION safety spectacles (9231960)
SKU: 9.851
POLAVISION safety spectacles (9231960)