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(9192385) spectacles

This item is available in the following regions: Russia Kazakhstan

Design: open model with wide field panoramic vision. Ultra-light and flexible rim.
Protective properties: high-strength polycarbonate lens protects against flying particles (45 m/s), ultraviolet and chemical exposure. Optical class 1.
Lens coating: UVEX supravision HC-AF anti-fog inside, scratch-resistant outside.
Lens color: amber - absorbs blue color in the visible spectrum increasing contrasting effect, provides UV protection. Recommended for drivers, construction workers, and airport employees in conditions of insufficient visibility.
Weight: 30 g.
TR CU 019/2011

PHEOS (9192385) spectacles

UVEX safety glasses

PHEOS (9192385) spectacles
SKU: 9.650
PHEOS (9192385) spectacles