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O88 SURGUT super
glasses (18830-5) clear

This item is available in the following regions: Russia Middle East

Modern universal spectacles with polycarbonate lens (gradation code 2C-1.2), hard coating. Reliable eye protection against high velocity particles, abrasives, UV radiation. Resistant to alkali and acid solutions.


  • Wrap-around lens shape.
  • Low temples pressure.

Use: grinding, drilling, milling, turning, mounting, metalwork and other works connected with cold work of metal, stone, plastic, wood and other materials.

Protective properties: designed to protect the eyes from the front and sides from flying particles (45 m / s). UV protection.
Temperature range: from -5 to +55.
Optical class:1.
Lens material: super - generic double-sided water resistant hard/anti-fog coating
Lens color: clear.
Weight: 22 g.

TR CU 019/2011
EN 166:2001

O88 SURGUT SUPER glasses (18830-5) clear

ROSOMZ safety glasses

O88 SURGUT SUPER glasses (18830-5) clear
SKU: 9.808
O88 SURGUT SUPER glasses (18830-5) clear