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SKU: 25.537

ZN55 SPARK StrongGlass
goggles, clear (25537)

This item is available in the following regions: Russia Europe Middle East

Design: goggles with indirect ventilation, with wide field of vision, efficient ventilation system, easy to clean with water from stains. Clear polycarbonate lens (ŠŃ StrongGlass) with reversible moisture-resistant, wear-resistant, durable anti-fog coating (does not lose its properties in the course of time). Elastic Soft Evoprene shell. Wide adjustable headband. Can be used with prescription spectacles.
Protective properties: 2Ń-1,2 RZ 1 BT 9 K N - RZ 253 3 9 BT. Protect against high-speed flying particles (medium-energy impact), abrasive and drops of fluid (including chemical solutions). UV-radiation, sparks, molten metal splash, high temperature.
Lens coating: StrongGlass two-sided, moisture-resistant, anti-fog, durable, wear- and scratch-resistant.
Lens color: clear/colorless (2Ń-1,2).
Weight: 88 g.
Temperature range: –5 to +55 °Ń.

TR CU 019/2011


ZN55 SPARK StrongGlass goggles, clear (25537)

ROSOMZ® safety glasses

ZN55 SPARK StrongGlass goggles, clear (25537)
SKU: 25.537
ZN55 SPARK STRONGGLASS goggles, clear (25537)