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SKU: 10.585

Honeywell V-Maxx
goggles, acetate lens (1007506)

This item is available in the following regions: Russia Kazakhstan

Description: closed panoramic goggles (optically correct 180° field of vision) with indirect ventilation. Comfortable fit over prescription glasses. Pivoting headband clips to adjust neoprene chemically resistant strap around hard hats. These goggles provide excellent combination with other PPE. Peel-off goggle covers to extend the life of the lens.
Protective properties: 2.1 mm thick acetate lens provides protection against chemical factors and flying particles (45 m/s). 99% UV-protection. Temperature range from 0 to +40°Ñ. Optical class 1.
Lens coating: scratch-resistant hardcoating, anti-fog.
Lens color: clear.
Weight: 101 g.

TR CU 019/2011

HONEYWELL V-MAXX goggles, acetate lens (1007506)