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helmet shield (04390)

This item is available in the following regions: Russia Europe Kazakhstan

For use with the "SOMZ-55 Favori®T" Series helmets.

Construction: 2 mm thick replacement screen made of optically transparent shock- and heat-resistant polycarbonate. Optical class 1, distortion-free. Lens height - 220 mm.
The shield is attached to the helmet with special adapters made of heat-resistant polyamide. 
Protective properties: provides protection against hard particles with kinetic energy of up to 15 J, reduces heat radiation intensity by 50%. Withstands a short-term exposure to high temperatures of up to 1490°C and medium-term (8-10 min) exposure to high temperatures of up to 350°C.
Recommended for works at blast furnaces, steel-melt and other industrial furnaces, providing protection against splashes of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, abrasives and high temperature.  For face protection in the course of metal processing using cooling liquids, works connected with potential generation of  shatters, in chemical labs for works related to splashing of aggressive liquids, work with pneumatic- and electric tools, painting, 
and other works.
Thickness: 2 mm.
Temperature range: -50 to +130°C.
Color: clear.
Weight: 210 g.

TR CU 019/2011
EN 166-2002

KBT VISIONĀ® TITAN helmet shield (04390)