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SKU: 9.1110

mosquito repellent

This item is available in the following regions: Russia Kazakhstan

Liquid vapor mosquito killer DETA offers excellent protection against flying insects, such as mosquitoes and midges in the room. Smell free recipe ensures safety and efficiency.  One bottle provides 45 nights protection against mosquitoes even when windows are opened. The maximum effect is achieved if used with DETA Plug In.

To assemble the unit
Take the refill with the liquid out of the package, remove safety cap, place the refill in the heater and twist it clockwise to lock. Then plug the assembled unit into an electric power outlet (220VAC), keep the bottle vertical. All insects will be killed within 1 hour. The vaporizer can stay on all night if windows are kept open. To deactivate the product at any time, turn off the heater, unscrew the refill, place the safety cap and store the refill until the next time. One refill of 30ml lasts 360 hours.

Time of protective action: 45 nights.
Composition: Prallethrin (1,2%), solvent, stabilizer.
Packaging: 24 pieces box.
Expiry date: 5 years from the manufacturing date.

DETA mosquito repellent